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Powerful social media tools to
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Use XPLOD Social target the right audience and increase your engagement. With the help of our growth services and content consulting, your paid partnerships, influencer opportunities, and sales will EXPLODE!

Get Instagram Followers

Who is this for?

Business owners, personal trainers, influencers, make-up artists, models, actors, community leaders, and more. XPLOD is a revolutionary, full service growth agency perfect for anyone who wants to get real followers and seriously boost their online presence!

XPLOD Social is a market leader in 24/7 social media account management, 'on-brand' content creation, consulting, content scheduling, and more. Target the right audience, start your creative campaigns, and get endorsements and sales like never before! Our dedicated team of experts can help improve your marketing strategy to achieve remarkable business results and real followers.

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You’re in good company

Brands We've Worked With

You’re in good company

Brands We've Worked With

Manage Your Online Presence Like an Expert

Professional Social Media Tools at Your Fingertips:

Automate your
Instagram Liking

You will ‘like’ your target’s posts, hundreds of posts, every day. This will result in massive amounts of exposure as you appear in people’s notifications. This is an effective way to grow your Instagram account. Like photos tagged with #MakeUpBeyoncé, Like all photos geo-tagged at Woody’s Bar.

Automate your
Instagram Commenting

Auto-pilot your commenting to your target audience’s content. If you’re a business targeting potential clients – you can comment things like: “Awesome photo, use CODE10 for a 10% discount on my product!” or “DM me for a discount code on our fashion line!”.

This can be used drive sales & traffic, however these are not the only benefits of commenting, people love receiving comments and when someone reads your comment, they have a high chance of following you.

Automate your
Instagram Following

Following is a very strong method to grow your Instagram, when you follow people they have a very high chance of following you back, with us you can be utilizing this feature non-stop.

Begin by following up to thousands (or a specific amount) of accounts related to your target audience – then we’ll unfollow the same accounts afterwards and you’ll keep the followers! The accounts you currently follow will be unaffected, as we only unfollow the accounts followed by XPLOD Social.

Automate your
Instagram Locations

Target & interact with media based on geo-tagged locations. This may be useful if you want to drive quality users from a certain location, or if you’re a local business, bring more people into your brick and mortar business!

We can even target locations based on your niche. For example, if you’re a yoga studio or a yogi, we can target people who have geo-tagged their media at “CorePower Yoga – Los Angeles” This will ensure you get people who practice yoga regularly! As you can see the possibilities with this are tantalizing!

Automate your
Instagram Blacklisting

(Optional) – Blacklist allows you to exclude specific usernames from your activity. This works great to exclude competitors, ex-lovers, or even your boss from your XPLOD Social activity. That means you will never follow, unfollow, like, or comment on media from the users on this blacklist. As you know, it could look rather odd for you to comment on your competitors’ posts. Luckily, the Blacklists feature can prevent that!

Instagram auto liking
Instagram auto following Instagram auto commenting
You’re in good company

Brands We've Worked With

You’re in good company

Brands We've Worked With

How does it work?

Boost your Instagram followers with XPLOD Social.

The service uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to like, comment, and follow other Instagram users based on certain targeting criteria. Target the followers of influential users, the locations people tag, or the hashtags they use. The more you interact with Instagram users who are interested in the same content as you, the higher the chance that these people will follow you!

Instagram Automation Tools automatically like instagram photos

Sign up


Setup is easy, simply go to the pricing page and choose the plan that’s right for you. Once you do, you will be directed to your dashboard where you can set up, coordinate, and launch your campaigns!

get target audience in Instagram

Target your Instagram audience


You can set a targeting criteria and XplodSocial will auto-pilot the liking/commenting/ following other Instagram users and their content based on specific hashtags, specific accounts, and those who share content at specific locations. If you have signed up to a premium or pro level membership, XPLOD Social social media marketing experts will be in touch with you to go over your goals and objectives to help maximize the effect of your campaigns!

Instagram auto-pilot liking activities

XPLOD Social
starts working


XPLOD Social will Auto-pilot your liking activities based on your targeting and filter options. People will notice your account through notifications and interact and follow you if they like your content. This is one of the most effective ways to grow on Instagram. Our dedicated support team will make sure your campaigns are optimized for best results.

genuine Instagram followers

Measure your results!


We keep track of how many new genuine followers you get using our service every day. Once you’re logged in to your dashboard, you will have a reporting interface that shows your performance and results. Review and tweak the settings at the guidance of one of our experts!

Why XPLOD Social?

We work with celebrities, brand names, startups, and everyday people who want to grow their Instagram followers. That’s our special sauce — real Instagram followers.

There are tons of other sites out there that allow you to buy followers, but they’re usually fake followers. With XPLOD Social, you’re connecting with real Instagram users.

Our service helps you to build brand loyalty, make new friends, and maintain a healthy and active Instagram account.

Easy to use Instagram Tool

Easy to use

There is nothing to download, and we do all the work for you! Simply supply us your Instagram details, category, tell us some of your goals and objectives, and we’ll take care of the rest!

1-on-1 Instagram Consulting

1-on-1 Consulting

When you sign up, you’ll get a dedicated digital marketing team at your disposal. We will help grow your account with the most effective strategies by analyzing dozens of factors.

instagram follower affordable growth

Affordable Growth

XPLOD Social will take you to new heights, for a low flat rate! We have the most competitive priced full-suite Instagram Auto-pilot management service online!

Instagram Tool Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

As a member, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year If you need your campaign adjusted or have any questions.

Case Studies

We’ve helped hundreds of people and dozens of brands reach new heights online! Here are a few of our success stories:


Former Los Angeles record store turned eBay shop for vinyl record collectors.

Followers at start
Followers after 2 weeks
New Followers Gained
Increase in online sales
Instagram Followers at start
Instagram Followers after 2 weeks
New Instagram Followers Gained
Increase in online sales via Instagram


Yoga lifestyle blog & Influencer

Followers at start
Followers after 7 months
New Followers Gained
Average weekly earnings from brand endorsements
Instagram Followers at start
Instagram Followers after 2 weeks
New Instagram Followers Gained
Increase in online sales via Instagram



I’ve been using XPLOD for a few months and it has really kicked my game up a big notch. Not only are my followers going up, and they are catered to what I do, but I ’m making wonderful connections. I’ve met directors, photographers, and camera operators through XPLOD and actually made projects with them. XPLOD is the best thing on the market since sliced bread, so with all that being said it comes highly recommended by yours truly!


We did a test with XPLOD and were very pleased with the services they provided. We were happy to see they were really down to earth people who truly wanted to help us grow. They took the time to understand our goals and guide us in the right direction. They were very helpful, easy to work with and their system worked flawlessly. In just the first three days they helped us grow our following by more than 35%. I would highly recommend anyone give them a try and let them show you what they can do!


As a hardworking, independent hip-hop artist and influencer, I want my music to reach as many potential listeners as possible. This year, I’m dropping 156 songs and have released a new song every Monday, Wednesday and Friday since January 1st. Working at this pace, I devote much of my time to creating content and producing. With XPLOD, I can rest assured that someone is constantly putting in work to bring me new followers on my Instagram. Everyday my following is growing and I’m engaging more and more new fans. I’m very excited to continue working with XPLOD as I watch my fan base do just that...Blow Up!


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